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The GSPP18 complies with GDPR laws but goes much further. GSPP18 is a framework and system designed to respect your privacy in a much more fundamental way. This website now implements the new GSPP18 guidelines. GSPP18 consists of the following features (since this is a generic privacy framework, we refers to the site owner or owners):

* the only exception to this rule is that we may temporarily log your IP-address in our server logs and firewall log to monitor the quality of our servers and protect our servers from attacks.

If you feel this website breaks one of the GSPP18 guidelines please inform us as soon as possible. You can apply the GSPP18 to your own website by copying the text above and replace the e-mail address of the webmaster with your own.

The author , Gabor de Mooij rejects the concept of Code of Conduct entirely. As of 1 April 2018, Gabor Software actively promotes the GSFS18 standard (Gabor Software Free Speech 2018 Standard). As part of this standard, GS rejects the notion of a Code of Conduct.


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